Valued Relationships & a Focus on Results Delivers Reliable Production Fulfillment

We are proud of our many long-standing relationships with our customers who rely on ETM Manufacturing as a regular, dedicated partner to support production, now matter how big or small. Whether for scheduled deliveries of routine parts throughout the year to match your production schedule, one-time orders to meet project needs, or other small to medium volume production needs, we are organized to ensure that you get high quality parts when you need them.

For some customers, this means maintaining inventory and supplying customer-ready, packaged parts.

For most customers, this relies on maintaining institutional knowledge of your parts, quality and design requirements, finishing and packaging specifications so that each time you order parts to support production, you have confidence that we will deliver what you need with consistency.

Small Run Production

ETM Manufacturing understands the needs of some of our customers who require support for regular production in small quantities. We are just as dedicated to working with our customers who require only a small number of parts at a time to meet either regular or intermittent market demand.

We build an understanding of your business and your parts to ensure that we can meet these smaller production run needs in the most cost-effective way without sacrificing quality or on-time performance.

ETM Manufacturing
A Customer-Centric Culture

ETM Manufacturing started in 1969 as a custom machine shop with a single piece of equipment. Since then, we have grown to provide large-scale, custom sheet metal and machining fabrication for a wide variety of customers. 50+ years after the start in that small garage, we still believe that great results only come from being a great partner for our customers, great employers for our staff, and a great member of the local community we call home.