Selecting the Right Project

Our technical team reviews three critical areas to make sure you maximize your ROI; the right product line, the right product family and the right scope.

Our Project Definition Services cover:

    Evaluating Existing vs. New Lines of Business

  • Reviewing the existing issues to understand what can be addressed quickly
  • Understanding which approach will work best to address the current issue
  • Assessing the existing environment for readiness to change
  • Calculating the return-on-investment for new product lines

    Selecting the Best Product Family

  • Identifying the most important needs of the end customer
  • Defining the product families by manufacturing flow, not attributes
  • Determining where there is a clear lack of commonality between families
  • Targeting a single component and a single family to stay focused

    Correctly Scoping the Project

  • Narrowing the scope to ensure easy, early success
  • Developing trust between all parties to avoid stalls
  • Creating a mechanism for sharing cost savings
  • Starting as close to the customer to gain the most benefit