Designing The Solution

Our Process Development Team engages in 7 areas to improve key areas of your supply chain; customer consumption, inventory reduction, transport reduction, information reduction, lead time reduction and cost reduction.

Our Process Design Services cover:

    Customer Consumption Rate

  • Calculating the takt time at each facility based on the available production time
  • Balancing production rates between factories; connecting the information flow downstream

    Inventory Reduction

  • Reducing variability and increasing process capability; re-calculating standard inventory
  • Re-designing inventory levels throughout the supply chain

    Transport Reduction

  • Evaluating if transport is really necessary at each & every step in the entire supply chain
  • Identifying the strategic transport mode substitution that will reduce time and lower costs

    Information Reduction

  • Identifying how to get customer information directly to the factory floor to avoid confusion
  • Determining how to get upstream information directly downstream to avoid confusion

    Lead Time Reduction

  • Implementing the right tools to eliminate non-value time in each step of the extended supply chain
  • Assessing if the new process catch & fix quality issues faster and evaluating the effect on lead time

    Cost Reduction

  • Identifying capital costs that will accelerate improvements
  • Sequencing improvements steps to reduce capital expenditures
  • Calculating cost improvements to offset capital costs across the value chain