Polishing & Buffing Services

ETM Manufacturing polishes and buffs most steel and stainless steel sheet metal parts/assemblies for the retail display, medical, and semiconductor markets.  Our team works with existing parts or builds to print to meet our client’s operational and financial goals.

What we do:

For OEMs, ETM sands components with up to 8 different grit sandpapers to achieve a smooth surface and then applies a custom buffing process to better meet your requirements. Both external and internal surfaces can be polished and buffed, depending on the part configuration.  To save time and money, we need to know:

  • Which surfaces are the most visible
  • What surface aesthetic is required in the weld area
  • Whether we will be responsible for chroming
  • Packing requirements to protect the polished surfaces during transport
Business Results We Achieve
    • Shorter lead time to finished part
    • Less development time and lower cost
    • Option to polish as assembled or pre-polish & then finish after assembly
    • Ability to move from prototype to production with semi-automated equipment
    • Optional chroming service