Supply Chain Response

ETM helps cut transportation costs by over 50% on large frame shipment.

A rapid growth solar mount company needed to dramatically reduce costs to remain competitive. One major cost driver was transportation – ground supports could not be stacked more than 25 units high, so a trailer filled up very quickly.  Together with ETM Manufacturing and their packaging supplier, this company was able to design a stacking and packaging configuration that more than doubled the units per trailor, cutting total shipping costs in half. 



A fast-growing start-up in the solar support industry needed help – quick. They had just booked an order for several thousand frames, but they did not plan for all the expense of shipping only 25 per pallet.

Early shipments were stacked as planned only they shifted during transport which resulted in expensive re-palletizing at the job site. The pallets could not be stacked so only 400 units would ship in a 40 ft tractor trailer. Talk about shipping costs!


ETM Manufacturing’s assembly and engineering team worked together with the customer to interlock the frames using their design features and then interweave the banding to provide a solution that didn’t shift in transport.

The final pallet design included assembling the frame and its support, then stacking the assembly vertically in a modified gaylord. Two pallets were combined into one plus cardboard.


The new gaylord solution reduced the customer’s pallet cost by 10% and increase the shipping capacity by 30%. Plus, the newly assembled frame and support reduce their customers’ assembled cost by over 50%.

Bill Rubino, Sr. Buyer says, “It is a great feeling to know that I can count on a first class organization to pull it together and have a “do whatever it takes” attitude to help out the customer …”

Capabilities used:


FabricationFabricationState-of-the-art equipment

ETM Manufacturing offers you state-of the art equipment paired with lean manufacturing know-how. The result is cost-effective world class fabrication.

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AssemblyAssemblyJust what you need

Sometimes it just makes sense to ship the sub-assembly rather than several individual parts. The result is lower shipping costs and better quality.

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ConsultingConsultingPractical advice to save money

A better plan typically produces a better
result. ETM Manufacturing can deploy proven Value Stream Mapping techniques to save you lead time and reduce COGS.

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