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Medical Device Evolution

Healthcare supplier uses ETM to transform metal medical device

A small medical device company had outsourced their product development and it turned out badly. ETM Manufacturing was able to reduce the part count by 30%, improve the operation of the device, and significantly reduce autoclave cooling time. ETM has continued to support improvements.


AM Surgical, a major healthcare supplier to orthopedic surgeons, understands their customer. How do they achieve this? They join them in surgery several times a month. This led them to the conclusion that a major product they supplied – a hand table used in surgeries related to carpal tunnel syndrome – was not performing well in practice. AM Surgical needed to translate their knowledge of the surgical procedures to redesign the metal hand table to improve surgery and lower medical costs for the patient.


AM Surgical contacted ETM Manufacturing to help redesign the product and look for possible cost reductions. ETM’s deep knowledge of metal manufacturing helped to quickly develop a practical solution.

By collaborating with AM Surgical’s team, ETM was able to lower costs and improve the design to transform the product. AM Surgical fine-tuned the design with testing in live surgeries.


AM Surgical was able to reduce their product costs by 10%, cut autoclave cleaning time by 30%, and increase their sales by 50% – all within 3 months of engaging with ETM Manufacturing.

Vincent Pascale, Operations Manager for AM Surgical summarized: “Please let everyone know, especially the guys on the floor, that we here at AM Surgical really appreciate their hard work and dedication and would like to say Thank You.”

Capabilities used:

FabricationFabricationState-of-the-art equipment

ETM Manufacturing offers you state-of the art equipment paired with lean manufacturing know-how. The result is cost-effective world class fabrication.

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AssemblyAssemblyJust what you need

Sometimes it just makes sense to ship the sub-assembly rather than several individual parts. The result is lower shipping costs and better quality.

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DesignDesignCost-effective outsourcing

When you need to outsource engineering, consider ETM Manufacturing. Costs are typically 30% less than contractors and you get built-in manufacturability analysis.

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