Accelerated Speed to Market

Local Contract Manufacturer needed a cabinet re-engineered and built – fast.

A local contract manufacturer was faced with long lead times and high costs. They asked ETM Manufacturing if we could reverse engineer and build a first sample within 8 weeks. Twenty machined parts and 12 fabricated parts later, ETM shipped the first unit, with 4 that followed 5 weeks later.


A local contract manufacturer was buying a standard stainless steel cabinet, but costs were high and the lead time was long. They were becoming frustrated with their current supplier.

Typically, they would redesign and build this cabinet themselves, but they were spread too thin. They needed to outsource the design and build a sample unit in less than 6 weeks for critical industry show.


ETM Manufacturing’s engineers were allowed to disassemble and measure a sample unit for 2 weeks. Then, over the next 2 weeks, they created engineering drawings for 12 sheet metal parts and 24 machined parts.

As part designs were completed, they were released immediately for prototype build. The first welded assembly shipped 8 weeks after ETM was first contacted. Additional units shipped 2 per week.


The redesign was so successful that the customer ordered another 11 units (2 more than originally forecast). Plus, the lead time was reduced to 5 weeks once the design was firm.

Tim LeBlanc, the lead engineer on the project, had this to say about visiting our shop during prototype, “You have a great team there…Kevin and Gary were very helpful. We appreciate the work you are doing for us.”

Capabilities used:

FabricationFabricationState-of-the-art equipment

ETM Manufacturing offers you state-of the art equipment paired with lean manufacturing know-how. The result is cost-effective world class fabrication.

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AssemblyAssemblyJust what you need

Sometimes it just makes sense to ship the sub-assembly rather than several individual parts. The result is lower shipping costs and better quality.

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ConsultingConsultingPractical advice to save money

A better plan typically produces a better
result. ETM Manufacturing can deploy proven Value Stream Mapping techniques to save you lead time and reduce COGS.

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