Functional and Structural Evaluation

Our engineering and manufacturing team consistently screens for cost-effective manufacturability

ETM makes many of its product development decisions based upon what will keep customer costs low. When reviewing a design print, we consider the resources and equipment required v. those we we have available, the ease of manufacturability, and ways in which we can control for pricing. Because while all of our products must meet the functional and structural requirements of our customers, we believe in making sure they also meet our customer’s cost requirements.

Change Management

As part of our evaluation process, we stay in constant communication with our end users about design reviews. We guarantee thorough and accurate change management to ensure that nothing gets overlooked and you get parts that work right every time. Our dedication to fostering customer relations that are founded on trust and open communication influences every step of our manufacturing process, including design, where sometimes receiving a print can be just the start of a detailed back-and-forth exchange about necessary clarifications, improvements, and modifications.

ETM tracks every revision (including red-lines) for every design we get so that production is more streamlined and nothing slips through the cracks. We also create and document our own internal revisions as needed to control for internal changes for a given design.

Experience has shown us that sometimes design errors happen. That’s ok. Because as part of our attention to building trust, our change management process is an extremely open one in which our customers are fully informed about changes we need to make to their initial or follow-up design plans to account for engineering or manufacturing errors that may have been overlooked but could cause significant financial and/or functional issues if not addressed.

At the end of the day, ETM offers you ease of mind that your purchase order, no matter how small or large, will come out right and you will be told upfront exactly what it took to get the job done right.