IGES v. Solidworks

Computer aided design (CAD) software is used for creating, editing, and analyzing designs. CAD data can be printed for machining and manufacturing purposes. While there are many different CAD programs available, ETM’s engineering and manufacturing team uses one known as Solidworks.

What does Solidworks offer?

    • Precision product design, model revision, and CAD data manipulation
    • Over 200 features and enhancements for custom 3D design
    • Specialized technical communication, simulation, and sustainable modeling capabilities to maximize productivity

Example of Solidworks window:

As mentioned above, many different CAD software programs exist. IGES, the Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, is a file format used for data exchange between different design softwares. Like a universal language for computers, IGES allows our engineering and manufacturing team to open and edit files in Solidworks that our customers may have sent to us from a different CAD program.

If you use a program such as Unigraphics or AutoCAD for managing your product design data, then saving and sending files in IGES format will allow you to transfer information regarding material thickness, size dimensions, nodes and vertexes, surface features, etc.