ETM Manufacturing Makes 3rd Investment in New Equipment in 2013


Metal Rolling Machine Expands Offerings to Include Large-Scale Forms

for Architectural Applications

LITTLETON, Mass. (Oct. 28, 2013) — ETM Manufacturing, one of New England’s best sheet-metal manufacturers,  today announced that it has added a new service for the third time this year, investing again to meet customer demand for increasingly sophisticated sheet-metal fabrication and assembly services.  The company has acquired industrial rollers that will allow the creation of convex and concave shapes, in broad sweeping curves.

The initial applications for the equipment include architectural forms for installation in public spaces. The custom sheet metal forms created with the GMC single pinch bending rolls will ultimately be installed in airports, government buildings, universities and other places where design elements are used for both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes.

The new equipment, a GMC single-pinch bending roll, includes a range of technical features and specifications that allows ETM to offer customers:

  • Sheet-metal bending for 0.020” through 0.090” in aluminum, steel and stainless steel with sheets as wide as 80 (6’8”).
  • Convex and concave forms, as well as cylindrical shapes that can be welded into a single form to suit a variety of applications
  • Radii as small as 6” and as large as 120” can be accomplished
  • In addition, the machine support wire shapes for 3/8”, ½” and 5/8” wire


Continuous Expansion Accelerates Opportunities

The investment in this machine is just the latest in a series of investments made by ETM Manufacturing in 2013; other new services include:

ETM has also recently announced the addition of Dave Puleo, a 20+ year veteran of sheet-metal industry, to the team. As vice president of operations, Puleo focuses on establishing processes that leverage lean manufacturing and Six Sigma practices to ensure that demand and capacity are aligned for optimized production and on-time delivery.

ETM Manufacturing’s commitment to serving manufacturers in the New England region, its continued investment in people, process and equipment and a singular focus on providing high-volume, quick-turn and quality sheet metal solutions combines to deliver a powerful answer to the question “Should I source overseas or locally?” Its customers represent a wide range of established and emerging companies, including Antenna International, PanelClaw and EMC2 Corporation.  

“We are consistently evaluating what we do, what we can do better and what more we can do serve our customers,” said Rob Olney, president of ETM Manufacturing. “In this economy, it’s the best way we’ve found to keep existing customers coming back and winning new ones.”






About ETM Manufacturing

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