Emergency Production Order

New machinery redefines the meaning of going the extra mile

In order the meet the customer’s end user urgent demand, our client needed 28,000 parts in 6 weeks while forgings were created. Three machines could do the job, but not fast enough. ETM’s quick ramp-up allowed for early production while the forgings were made.



Faced with a fast-approaching installation deadline but a 4-month delay until its current forging supplier could ship production, a leading solar mounting company needed help. Fast.

To maintain its reputation and keep schedule, this photovoltaic company was searching for an alternative metal supplier that could handle a high capacity order of 28,000 parts and guarantee accelerated speed to market.


Recognizing the customer’s need for capacity and speed, ETM purchased a new CNC sheet metal lathe capable of handling the 28,000-part order in only a few short weeks. This new state-of-the-line Haas ST10 Y-axis lathe can perform multiple operations in just one setup and specializes in accurate cutting and tool indexing to reduce handling and maximize production. With automated programming to simplify tool set-up and limit part movement, the new lathe guarantees a ramp in production.


ETM was able to spec, quote, order, deliver, install, and ship before other suppliers provided first article. Our improved turning capabilities, a reflection of our “do what it takes” philosophy, reduced the cycle time by 50% in order to meet the quick production need.

Our accelerated speed to market process was able to hold over a renowned company until forgings could be made, giving it a trusted alternative supplier and, ultimately, ease of mind.

Capabilities used:


ConsultingConsultingPractical advice to save money

A better plan typically produces a better
result. ETM Manufacturing can deploy proven Value Stream Mapping techniques to save you lead time and reduce COGS.

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DesignDesignCost-effective outsourcing

When you need to outsource engineering, consider ETM Manufacturing. Costs are typically 30% less than contractors and you get built-in manufacturability analysis.

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FabricationFabricationState-of-the-art equipment

ETM Manufacturing offers you state-of the art equipment paired with lean manufacturing know-how. The result is cost-effective world class fabrication.

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