Coining is one of three basic metal bending techniques in which sheet metal gets stamped between a punch and die. High amounts of pressure are needed for the punch tip to contact the metal and press into the die. Because the punch tip actually contacts the metal during coining, bend radii will always equal that of the punch tip and small inside radii are easily obtainable.

The term “coining” comes from the coining of money, in which every coin is made the same as the one before it, because coining sheet metal is known for producing consistently accurate bends.

While precise, easily repeatable, and simple to execute without complicated machinery, coining requires large tonnage compared to other bending techniques. These tonnage requirements can lead to tooling restrictions and prolonged wear on machinery, ultimately increasing part cost.

ETM Manufacturing has the size and space capabilities to meet coining’s tonnage requirements and navigate around the resulting tooling restrictions. Our metal bending services are just one of our many integrated capabilities that make us a trusted one-stop manufacturing shop for New England’s leading OEMS.

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