ETM Manufacturing Adds Second Shift

Increased Demand for Local Sheet Metal Fabrication Drives Expansion


LITTLETON, Mass. (Mar. 23 2016) — ETM Manufacturing, trusted by regional manufacturers for high quality, cost-effective custom sheet metal solutions is expanding its workforce and technical capability at the company’s operation in Littleton. A significant increase in demand has resulted in growth of their professional sales force, skilled labor force and basic infrastructure.  The addition of a master machinist and expansion to a 2nd shift operation is the most recent sign of positive growth for the company: earlier this year, ETM acquired new equipment and broadened its skill set to accelerate the completion of complex welding jobs.

The continuing uncertainty of the global economy, rapidly fluctuating commodity costs, and supply chain disruptions have presented considerable challenges in the past for few years to manufacturers who now recognize the need to build flexibility and innovation into every part of the product lifecycle. With government incentives designed to bring manufacturing – and manufacturing jobs – back into the U.S., ETM’s continuous investment in people, processes and technology makes puts it in a strong position to serve New England manufacturers who are adopting near-shoring strategies for design, production and distribution.

“We’re bullish on the New England economy and especially on manufacturing in the region,” said Rob Olney, president of ETM Manufacturing. “Existing and new customers are increasing the work they’re doing with us and we’re confident that we can meet the demand with the highly qualified talent right here.”

Trusted by dozens of New England manufacturers for custom, quality sheet metal fabrication, machining and assembly solutions, ETM helps customers lower the total landed cost of delivering products with innovation and accelerated ramps to production. The company has continued to expand capacity and invest in new services and capabilities, attracting customers in industrial machinery, food service, retail displays, large-scale architecture forms and many more. Its customers include Gold Medal Bakery, PanelClaw and EMC2 Corporation.

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About ETM Manufacturing

For more than 40 years, ETM Manufacturing has been providing custom, precision sheet metal and machined components to some of the best New England-based original equipment manufacturers in computing, energy, telecommunications, medical/lab, printing and other industrial equipment. ETM offers creative solutions to customer’s complex supply chain issues, helping them save money and reducing time to market. For more information, please visit or call (978) 486-9050.