ETM Manufacturing Earns NSF-Certification for Food Transportation Racks

Production of Custom Sheet Metal Food Carts that Meet Industry Safety Standards Available Now


LITTLETON, Mass. (December 8, 2016) — ETM Manufacturing, one of the region’s most-trusted sheet-metal manufacturers,  today announced that it has won its first National Safety Foundation’s (NSF) certification for both its facility and its product: a custom-built, high durability, light weight food transportation rack designed to meet NSF-ANSI 2 and all applicable requirements.

After investigating competitor product failures at a local franchisee, ETM’s design and engineering team found that the existing design previously approved by a large bakery company was not meeting the durability requirements required by the franchisee. The ETM design and engineering team identified several options for improving the design, while working with the customer, to create a custom metal food transportation cart that both meets durability standards and lowers the weight of the existing cart.  As a result, ETM’s customer was able to significantly reduce replacement costs for their transportation racks.

With the NSF-certification firmly in hand, ETM now offers an immediate solution to customers seeking to use NSF-certified food carts in a wide range of bakeries. The NSF approval is for ETM’s unique high durability, light weight SuperMax™16 carts.  Alternative sizes can be approved for a small fee. Features include sloped shelving to reduce spillage, continuously welded seams, heavy duty casters and a top cover to reduce contamination. Custom food transportation racks can be typically be produced and delivered in as little as 4 weeks.

“The franchisees love our durable aluminum cart, often showing us examples of carts lasting 7 years of daily usage. They wanted a corporate approved version that would also meet their stringent weight requirements.” said Rob Olney, president of ETM Manufacturing. “We saw the opportunity to improve our beloved aluminum cart, learn to navigate the NSF-certification process and come out with a better, lighter food transportation cart that corporate can use with all their bakeries.”

ETM partners with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) whose products include large format printers, 3-D printers, food service machines and transport racks, laser cutting machines, retail displays, large-scale architecture forms and many more. Its sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal manufacturing, sheet metal assemblysheet metal polishing and buffing services are used  by start-ups and well-established companies alike, including Antenna International, PanelClaw and EMC2 Corporation.   A one-stop shop for New England OEMs, ETM’s continued investment in people, process and equipment and a singular focus on providing high-volume, quick-turn and quality sheet metal solutions ensures the service customers require, at much higher quality and competitive total landed cost over low-cost country sources.


About ETM Manufacturing

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