ETM Manufacturing Expands Operations in New England to Become Top 10 Partner for Sheet Metal Fabrication


State-of-the-Art Facility Provides Local Solution for Innovative Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expertise


Wilmington, Mass. (Nov. 4, 2011) – ETM Manufacturing, the trusted partner for highly customized, high quality sheet metal manufacturing and supply chain solutions, will more than quadruple the size of its New England-based operations, opening a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility in Littleton, Mass. in early 2012. The company today announced that it has begun a $500,000 renovation on a 43,000-square foot facility, vacant since 2009, in response to the demand for a local partner that can meet the needs of New England-based original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

ETM Manufacturing, which has delivered 200% growth in recent years, provides sheet metal fabrication, machining and assembly with customized supply chain solutions to OEMs in dozens of industries, including computing giant EMC2 Corporation and solar mounting system leader, Panel Claw.

Its new facility will provide a broader range of services and solutions, including expanded kitting, mechanical assembly and inventory management capability. The operation will provide:

  • 14,400 sq. ft. for sheet metal fabrication in four manufacturing cells. Each cell will include a turret punch or laser, two press brakes and supporting fabrication equipment able to produce, on average, one part every 30 seconds.
  • 3,200 sq. for CNC machining centers currently, with expansion capability of quadrupling capacity.
  • 3,200 sq. ft. for kitting and mechanical assembly as well as an internal Kan-Ban location for ETM’s configure-to-order business.
  • 14,400 sq. ft. for a line of configure-to-order bakery transportation racks.
  • 1,200 sq. ft. for design and development support in the critical stage of new product introduction.
  • An additional 3,200 sq. ft. for additional in-house plating and powder-coating services.

“What ETM Manufacturing provides is a total supply chain solution – from design assistance and raw material procurement to delivering the finished product right to the customer. Your end-to-end solution saves time and money,” said to Phil Orlando, Director of Supply Chain at Panel Claw.

For New England OEMs who need small- and medium-size production runs of highly customized sheet metal-based products such as enclosures, panels and mechanical assemblies, ETM Manufacturing provides a local partner for cost-effective supply chain solutions that accelerate time-to-market. With government incentives designed to bring manufacturing – and manufacturing jobs – back into the U.S., ETM Manufacturing is investing in its operations to ensure that as New England OEMs find new reasons to adopt near-shoring strategies for design, production and distribution, it is positioned to meet those needs.

Small Business Incentives Fuel Opportunity for Growth

As the economy revives in fits and starts, there continues to be a belief that a full-blown recovery is highly dependent on small businesses. As a participant in the Small Business Administration’s 504 plan, ETM Manufacturing secured below-market financing from Middlesex Savings Bank and the Granite State Development Corp. to purchase the former location of Curtiss-Wright Controls Division, bring the facility back online, and re-establish a manufacturing center in the heart of New England. The company currently has 24 employees and is immediately hiring for positions in manufacturing, customer service and supply chain consulting to meet the expanded demand for its solutions.

“We believe there’s a great opportunity for manufacturing right here in New England, with a highly skilled workforce and some of the world’s most innovative thinking about how to improve supply chain efficiency,” said Rob Olney, president. “We are extremely excited about the potential to help OEMS from Maine to Connecticut drive continuous innovation in their supply chains for better customer, shareholder and partner results.”


About ETM Manufacturing

For more than 40 years, ETM Manufacturing has been providing custom, precision sheet metal and machined components to some of the best New England-based Original Equipment Manufacturers in computing, energy, telecommunications, medical/lab, printing and other industrial equipment. ETM offers creative solutions to our customer’s complex supply chain issues to help them save money and reduce their time to market. For more information, please visit or call (978) 658-2485.