ETM Manufacturing Invests in Advanced Automated Solution to

Accelerate High-End, Complex Welding


Welding Station Reduces Set-Up and Task Time as

Demand for Custom-Designed Frames Grows


LITTLETON, Mass. (Feb. 17 2016) — ETM Manufacturing, one of New England’s most trusted sheet-metal manufacturers, has invested in a state-of-the-art welding station to support an increasing volume of work requiring complex welds. The company’s portfolio of custom, high-quality sheet metal solutions, including food service racks, custom electrical enclosures and retail displays continues to grow and the advanced automated solution will significantly reduce cycle time while expanding capacity for welded assemblies.

ETM’s customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) whose products include industrial machinery such as large format printers, 3-D printers, laser cutting machines & robotics as well as other industries including food service machines, transport racks, retail displays, large-scale architecture forms and many more. These companies have partnered with ETM based on the company’s continued investment in people, process and equipment required for either quick turn or high-volume, quality sheet metal solutions. Customers include PanelClaw, Gold Medal Bakery and EMC2 Corporation.

The new welding station will be on-line February 12th, and able to handle component and final assembly Transport Carts with dimensions up to 7’x3’x3’ and weighing up to 400 lbs. The fixture’s head, tail stock and fixture have been designed and built in-house; the head stock rotator has been acquired from Baileigh. The station can be quickly configured to accommodate a wide range of materials and geometries, providing critical flexibility to meet a wide range of customer needs.

The team at ETM conducted a careful review of existing labor intensive processes as well as more automated alternatives— including a robotic welder—to determine which solution could support customer expectations for turnaround, cost and quality for new volume. With this hybrid approach, ETM will reduce cycle times by as much as 75 percent, while continuing to meet rigorous quality standards and keeping costs in check.

“We are excited by this investment, which strikes the perfect balance between cost and innovation,” said Rob Olney, President. “Demand for this complex work has quadrupled and with this solution, we’ve increased capacity, maintained our commitment to sterling quality and still provided a local, cost-effective option for our customers.”


On-the-Job Training Keeps Manufacturing Jobs in Massachusetts


It’s estimated that there are 200,000 unfilled jobs in manufacturing in the U.S. today; skilled workers are getting harder to find, and there’s a growing concern that the gaps could have a negative effect on the fragile economic recovery. The need for effective training that can turn the tide and put skilled labor to work in good jobs is getting clearer every day.

One model that may demonstrate the value of vocational training is the partnership between ETM and the Greater Lowell Technical School. As advances in manufacturing technology, like the Transportation Cart welding positioner, continue to be introduced, students from the school’s vocational training program gain valuable skills in working with these innovations.

ETM currently has several students from the Greater Lowell Technical High School working in its operation. These students are expected to begin training on the new equipment immediately, working with experienced colleagues on TIG welding magnesium while rotating the fixture. The students will complete their training in the next 3 months, and with hours of real-world experience in place upon graduation, will be well-positioned to leave school for jobs that offer solid pay, benefits and opportunity.




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