ETM Manufacturing Introduces Best-Practices Guide

to Sheet Metal Fabrication Sourcing


Free Downloadable E-Book Offers Insight and Actionable Strategies for Optimizing Sourcing  


LITTLETON, Mass. (March 18, 2014) ― As sourcing sheet metal fabrication services have become an increasingly complex process, customers are often challenged on how to lower their costs. Addressing this reality head-on, with an open and transparent explanation of what is included in a quote for fabrication services can, in fact, go a long way to ensuring the right product at the right price at the right time.

That’s the catalyst behind the latest free e-book from Boston’s best sheet metal fabricator, ETM Manufacturing, focused on all of the cost components that make up a quote and providing a guide to best practices in working with a sheet metal fabricator to control costs. The company has put together “Estimating Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding how Fabricated Parts are Estimated” to better serve customers and prospects in the very earliest stage of a partnership.

“There are so many factors contributing to the cost of any project and every company has its own way of calculating the variables,” said Rob Olney, president of ETM Manufacturing. “Understanding what those costs are and how they impact the final bid gives buyers a much stronger foundation for making the best possible decisions.”

Offering a broad range of sheet metal fabrication services, including sheet metal machining, welding, polishing, mechanical and final assembly, ETM has developed a process for engaging with customers in open dialogue around cost, quality and service levels. The end result: customers find a partner who can help them achieve critical business goals, including accelerated time to market, improved product design and more. 

The e-book covers material costs, labor costs, overhead costs, shipping costs, as well as best practices for supplier selection. Each chapter dives deep into the subject, highlighting how these areas contribute to cost, what factors drive those costs up or down, and possible trade-offs. Readers will

  • find outside sources of information to better understand the fundamental costs that will impact any sheet metal project
  • gain insight into what questions they need ask – beyond what is in the written quote
  • learn what strategies sheet metal manufacturers use to lower costs and how they can benefit from them

Drawing on lessons learned in building long-term relationships with customers, ranging from F500 companies like EMC Corporation to nimble start-ups like Panel Claw, ETM’s new offering is designed to make the sourcing process for custom welding and metal fabrication solutions more successful. The e-book is available now for download here.



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