ETM Manufacturing Speeds Time-to-Shelves for Retail Bakery Distributor


Custom Food Transport Racks Maximize Truck Capacity & Maintain Product Quality for Retail Baked Goods Giant


LITTLETON, Mass. (July 11, 2012) ― ETM Manufacturing, one of New England’s fastest growing manufacturers, shipped the first units of custom-built food transport racks to one of New England’s largest distributors last month. The company will ultimately deliver 30 racks, customized to optimize capacity in a fleet of delivery trucks which service more than 90 retail bakeries in the greater Boston area daily.

In a competitive process, the customer’s team reviewed several local fabrication companies to find a manufacturing partner to provide high-quality assembly of products that must withstand constant daily use between the distribution center and local stores. The company chose ETM Manufacturing after a rigorous review based on ETM’s demonstrated ability to provide stronger welds, thicker material, and more robust design, ultimately delivering a superior product.

ETM Manufacturing manages the entire process for building and delivering the 23 cubic foot-transport racks, which include 20 shelves for holding fresh bakery products. The company’s purchasing, production and logistics teams work closely together to secure raw material, transform it into sturdy units with custom-cutting, punching, forming, welding and finally cleaning the units to be ready for use upon delivery to the customer.

“It’s essential that every truckload is fully optimized for every trip,” said Rob Olney, president of ETM Manufacturing. “That means more than simply filling the space – it means racks that ensure that product arrives at the stores in excellent condition and racks that stand up to lots and lots of use.”

The win reflects ETM Manufacturing’s ongoing success in attracting New England-based companies to its customer base. ETM’s custom programs for sheet metal fabrication, machining and assembly provide a local source for large companies like computing giant EMC2 Corporation and start-ups like solar mounting system leader, Panel Claw, all designed to deliver cost effective, high quality products.


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